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10 Watt Solar Motion Wall Mount

5.0 (2 reviews)



This Solar Motion Wall Mount is a very sturdy light, great for lighting up areas such as driveways, recreation areas and walkways.

It is rain proof and charges with solar energy, no need for messy cable, they are easy to mount and install.

This light charges during the day, has an auto day/night switch whereby it operates at 50% capacity until movement is detected then 100% capacity until the movement no longer detected then returns to 50% capacity.

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Specifications :-

  • Long Working Hours and Stand-by Time
  • Super bright COB light
  • Motion Sensor – Intelligent light control
  • Auto Day / Night Sensor
  • Solar Rechargeable – No hassle with cables
  • 3000 MAH Large Capacity Lithium Battery
  • 5-6 year battery life – Durable Lithium Battery
  • Rain Proof
  • Great Quality
  • Mounting Screws included

2 reviews for 10 Watt Solar Motion Wall Mount

  1. Gerhard

    Efficient Express Review

    This is the best of the bestsellers! Great Quality light, affordable and lights up all the dark spaces! – Best Buy

  2. dinoh (verified owner)

    Best quality on the market

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