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4000W LaiRunH UPS Pure Sine Wave Inverter


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4000W LaiRunH UPS Pure Sine Wave Inverter
*Casing Colour – Black


8 in stock

Product Performance Characteristics
-DC Input 12V or 24V
-AC Output 220V / 50Hz
-Have a fully functional protective circuit: Short Circuit, Overrating, Overload Overtemperature, Inverse Protection
-Conversion Efficiency up to 90%
-Low Interference Technology
-Soft Start Function
-Small Size, Light Weight, Faint Noise, Free Maintenance

Inverter Operation
Power Inverter connects to a vehicle cigarette lighter & storage battery’s anode & cathode or 12/24-volt. Turn the inverter ON/OFF switch – ON, the green powerlight indicates AC power is available at the AC outlet. Plug the AC product you wish to operate into the AC outlet & switch it on. As the battery is used up, the battery voltage begins to fall when the inverter senses the voltage is at its DC input (dropped between 10.5 volts), an audio warning is provided. When input voltage drops to 10 volts, the inverter will automatically shut down to prevent battery damage. The RED FAULT light illuminates. If the inverter exceeds a safe operating temperature, due to insufficient ventilation or a high temperature environment, it will automatically shut down. The RED FAULT light will turn on & the audio warning will sound. Should a defective battery charging system cause the battery voltage to rise to dangerously high levels, the inverter automatically shuts down, the RED FAULT light will turn on.

Use of the Product
Applies to : In-Vehicle Electronics/ Digital Products with Outdoor Charge Application/Travel/Household Appliances/Emergency Jobs
Can be used for Electromagnetic Furnaces, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Computers & Microwave Ovens.

Important Cable Information
Substantial power loss & reduced battery operating time results from inverters installed with cables that are not able to supply full power. Symptoms of low battery power can result from cables that are either excessively long or an insufficient gauge.
The installer/operator should be especially aware of the requirements to maintain secure, tight, water-resistant electrical connections & to provide for strain relief for DC cables & appliance wiring.
Cable insulation must be the appropriate type for the environment.

Universal Protective Circuit
-Thermal Protection: The unit shuts down when it overheats
-Battery Alarm: Alarm activated when battery discharges to 10.5V
-Battery Protection: The unit shuts  down when battery discharges to 10V (preventing damage to the battery)
-Overload Protection: The unit shuts down when the loading power exceeds the rating power
-Short Circuit Protection: The unit shut down when output is short circuit
-Earth Fault Protection: The unit shuts down when the load has electric leakage

Low Interference Technology
-Soft Start: Smooth start-up of appliances
-Turbo Cooling: Keep the inverter surface cool & higher efficiency

-High Efficient: Wide-range high efficient circuit maximizes the operating time & more energy saving

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