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Ecoboxx DC 160 Solar Kit

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Ecoboxx DC 160 Solar Kit

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The Ecoboxx Qube 160 is a powerful solar kit that you can use to power your appliances, light up your home or charge your mobile devices – perfect for those inconvenient power cuts. This kit provides you with up to 50 hours of use with every full charge. This is a safe, eco-friendly solution to help you ensure your family never gets stuck without power. The Ecoboxx 160 is also fully portable, so it’s great for families that take camping seriously! Access to instant power anytime, anywhere makes the Ecoboxx an ideal companion on your holiday travels.
Up to 50 hours of power (up to 3 full nights of LED lighting)
Can be used to power household appliances (fan, TV, laptop)
Can be used to charge your phone & mobile devices
Portable & powerful
Easy to set up
1 year warranty
Kit includes:
1 x Ecoboxx Qube 160
2 x 10Wp solar panels with stand for daily battery maintenance
2 x 3W super bright LED lights with independent switches
1 x 14Ah Lead Crystal battery
75W modified sine wave inverter
2 x USB charging ports
Please Note: The Ecoboxx 160 includes one 220V plug. The max you can plug in is 70W.
About lead crystal batteries:
They’re highly durable with an excellent cycle life
Low self-discharge means they have a long shelf life
They perform well at high & low temperatures
There is no “memory effect” (decreased capacity after recharging)
They require no maintenance
You can recharge your Ecoboxx Qube using the solar panel or AC charger.
The Ecoboxx Qube can be charged while not in use.
Solar charging: Approx. 1 full day of direct sunlight for full charge.
Wall charging: Approx. 2-3 hours.
Please Note: Do not charge with both at the same time.
Power supply controlled by a master switch at the back of the unit.
Battery Care
Always switch your Ecoboxx off after use.
If possible, keep your Ecoboxx plugged into the grid when not in use. If this is not possible, please ensure that your unit is fully charged when stored.
Fully recharge the unit at least every 3 months; failure to do this can cause permanent damage to the lead crystal battery.
Ecoboxx units are not water-resistant, shockproof or drop-proof.


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