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Ford Ranger T6 Facelift PDC Nudge Bar Black 2016> Oval Range BS-150046

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Why Artav Quality Nudge Bars?

  • Perfectly designed to fit with each vehicle model.
  • Our Black Stainless range is manufactured from 409 series stainless steel which we manufacture ourselves through our Tube Mills, ensuring the best quality material. The parts are then powder coated at our Powder Coating facility and finished off in a Black Satin Finish.
  • Our Stainless Steel range is manufactured from premium 304 series marine grade stainless steel which we manufacture ourselves through our Tube Mills, ensuring the best quality material.
  • Tested and approved by engineering who runs Air Bag Compatibility Tests, Endurance Testing, Salt Spray Testing and UV TestingVERY IMPORTANT As these are safety-critical items.
  • Artav Stainless Steel offers a 5 Year / 100 000km Warranty on its products which makes it the market leader in South Africa.
  • Locally Made – All our accessories are locally manufactured in Durban from the Tube, through to the Polishing or Powder Coating, all aspects of manufacturing are proudly South African.

Artav Stainless Steel has launched a brand new nudge bar design that will be 20 minutes quicker to install and doesn’t require removal of the bumper or cutting of your vehicle grill or bumper. Read more about the key advantages this new nudge bar design offers!

  • Quicker Fitting Time – Our new nudge bars can now be fitted in 20 minutes.
  • Clean and Neat Finish –The new nudge bar has no top brackets cut into the grill and therefore allow your vehicle to have a cleaner and neater finish.
  • No Bumper Removal – Fitment of our new nudge bar doesn’t require removal of the bumper which means no risk in damaging the bumper or breaking bumper clips.
  • No Cutting of Grill or Bumper –The new nudge bar doesn’t require any cutting of your vehicle grill or bumper.
  • Airbag Compatible – Guaranteed Airbag compliance as no top brackets required.
  • PDC Approved – We offer PDC nudge bars that are bottom mount fitment.
  • Endurance Tested – Our state of the art test rig is one of two in South Africa that have been designed to conduct a 52hr 100 000km endurance test. It simulates off-road conditions and runs the product through vibration sweep cycles to simulate what would amount to 100 000kms of driving vibration.
  • Approved by Artav Stainless Steel – We give all our parts the stamp of approval before launching them into the market. Our approval is our backing and Artav Stainless Steel offers a 5-year warranty on its stainless steel accessories.

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More About the Product & Manufacturer

High-Quality Manufacturing

At Artav Stainless Steel, we produce superior-quality materials and products by controlling all aspects of the production process, as well as the manufacturing of our own tube. Since none of our key components is outsourced, we are able to supply high-quality parts at the best possible prices.

Endurance Testing for Guaranteed Quality

At Artav, we run a series of tests to ensure high-quality products. These tests include a 100 000 km endurance test which ensures zero defects in products over the warranty period.

High-Quality Powder Coating

At Artav, we have a state of the art powder coating division that follows the ISO9001 standards adhered to in all departments. We ensure a high-quality, durable finish that is tested to SA requirements, especially UV durability.

Advanced Robotic Polishing Machines

We have 4 robotic polishing machines that are able to polish over 400 parts every 8 hours. Artav Stainless Steel pioneered the robotic polishing machine for the stainless steel accessory market and is proud to be seen as the leader in technology in its field.

Exceptional Quality Guaranteed

  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY Our products are proudly manufactured in South Africa according to ISO 9001 standards, and come with a 5-year warranty!
  • 100 000 KM ENDURANCE TESTING Our 100 000km endurance test determines that there will be no defects to the product over the warranty period.
  • OEM-QUALITY All our products maintain the highest level of quality within the SA market for OEM products.
  • AUTOMATED MANUFACTURING All our products are manufactured using automated technology, which allows for high-quality stainless steel accessories!
  • AIRBAG TESTING We make use of the leading testing facility in Australia to test our nudge bars for airbag compatibility. This is to verify that the bar and brackets will have no negative effect on the airbag systems.
  • PRODUCTS WARRANTY COVERED BY ARTAV All product warranty is covered by Artav Stainless Steel.

Manufacturing Video To find out more about our manufacturing process, watch this video explaining the various stations in our factory, which enable us to produce our high-quality stainless steel accessories.

Test Documents This technical specs document is a comprehensive test document specifically for Ford to confirm testing, raw materials and components involved in the manufacturing of Ford Ranger accessories for the local market. This test adheres to the standards required for Ford licensed accessory approval on a global level.

ISO9001 Certificate

Insurance Policy

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1 review for Ford Ranger T6 Facelift PDC Nudge Bar Black 2016> Oval Range BS-150046

  1. Gerhard

    Efficient Express Review – We love the Satin Black Powder Coated finish

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