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Kicker Bakkie Combo

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Factory upgraded speakers, an amazing little amplifier and subwoofer will change the way you listen to music in your bakkie forever!

Bundle Includes:

  • 1 x CSS654/674 Component System
  • 1 x CS654/674 Coaxial
  • 1 x CXA360.4 Amplifier
  • 1 x CK8 Wiring Kit
  • 1 x Hideaway
  • 4 x Dr Artex sheets


Kicker 46CSS654 6.5inch CS Component Speakers – SKU: 46CSS654

The CS Series delivers remarkable performance and ultra-clean bass, utilizing a heavy-duty motor/magnet structure featuring EVC™ (Extended Voice Coil) technology not found in stock speakers. They use polypropylene cones with tough, ribbed, UV-treated surrounds for precise linear excursion and reliability.

The streamlined speaker system: Kicker consistently prioritizes vehicle fit along with quality in their CS Series car speakers, making them among the most popular we sell. And better fit doesn’t come at the cost of better sound — you’ll find several cool innovations at work here. Kicker’s separate titanium tweeter, driven by a neodymium magnet, delivers your music’s highs with control and clarity. The woofer’s phase plug helps eliminate distortion, and its UV-treated poly-foam surround equips this Kicker speaker for enduring performance no matter what extremes life in your car door brings. Consistently solid sound: Kicker’s 46CSS654 6-1/2″ component speaker system serves up stellar sound using a polypropylene woofer for the lower frequencies and a titanium dome tweeter for the highs. Kicker includes a pair of external crossovers with three-level tweeter attenuation for fine-tuning your overall sound. Use an aftermarket car stereo or an outboard amp to enjoy classic Kicker quality with more detail and punch.

Kicker 46CSC654 6.5inch CS Coaxial Speakers – SKU: 46CSC654

The CS Series delivers remarkable performance and ultra-clean bass, utilizing a heavy-duty motor/magnet structure featuring EVC™ (Extended Voice Coil) technology not found in stock speakers. They use polypropylene cones with tough, ribbed, UV-treated surrounds for precise linear excursion and reliability.

This kit delivers all the power and signal your system needs: Your amplifier needs hefty power and ground wiring in order to deliver the big power you want. Kicker’s CK8 amp wiring kit includes the power, ground, turn-on, and signal wiring for any amplifier with a fuse rating of up to 60 amperes. This kit is suitable for an amplifier or amp system with a total output of about 400 watts RMS for Class AB amps or about 600 watts RMS for Class D amps. Includes patch cable and speaker wire: The CK8 kit includes a 16.4-foot, 2-channel twisted pair patch cable that’ll send the signal reliably from the receiver to your amp with minimal noise. Also, Kicker provides 12 feet of 12-gauge speaker wire, enough to take care of a couple of speakers or subs in most installations. Kicker makes all their wires from oxygen-free copper so you can count on maximum power and signal transfer with minimum resistance or interference.

Kicker 46CXA3604 4ch CX Amplifier – SKU: 46CXA3604

The CXA360.4 Four-Channel Amplifier is built to power all your door speakers in a single, powerful package.

Power-up your music Do you like it loud and clean? Kicker’s CXA360.4 four-channel amplifier can put out 65 watts per channel, so your music will get a big boost in volume and clarity. You could also use this amp in bridged, 2-channel mode to drive a couple of subs or high-performance speakers with 180 watts RMS each. Or, you could power a couple of front speakers with 65 watts each, plus a sub with 180 watts from the amp’s bridged rear channels. Tone controls for the best sound Separate high- and low-pass filters on the front and rear channels help you sculpt the sound to get the most out of all your speakers. Variable bass boosts, also on both the front and rear channels, allow you to add some low-end punch when you’re running subs. If you’re using the rear channels to drive a subwoofer, an optional wired remote lets you control the level from the front seat. Hooks in almost anywhere in almost any position Kicker’s Fail-Safe Integration Technology (FIT™) keeps this amp’s input free from noise or interference, so you can tap into your vehicle’s speaker wiring for an input signal without a worry. A 3-second turn-on/turn-off delay eliminates system pops and other noises. The CXA360.4 comes with hardware that lets you mount it vertically, so you can put it in a location that takes up very little floor space and looks cool too.

Kicker 46HS10 10inch Hideway Powered Subwoofer – SKU: 46HS10

The Hideaway HS10 is a compact powered 10-inch subwoofer that delivers surprising low frequency impact in a tough, all-aluminum frame.Bigger bass for your small space When Kicker created the original Hideaway™ compact HS8 powered sub, they wanted to make a subwoofer that could fit almost anywhere and still deliver the performance that made Kicker famous. The HS10 sub adds the extra punch of a 10″ speaker and a built-in 180-watt amplifier to give you really impressive bass response from a sub that will still fit almost anywhere. Tough and adjustable With a Kicker 10″ woofer, you can expect serious low end, and you can install the HS10 under most seats to bring the bass right up close. The tough all-aluminum chassis and stylish metal grille protect the speaker and deliver great sound. High- and low-level inputs give you plenty of options for hooking up your sub, and the HS10 can accept input signals from 0.25 to 40 volts so it works with almost any vehicle without adding a line output converter. Dial in your sound The Hideaway includes an adjustable low-pass crossover, a subsonic filter to improve efficiency, a phase switch, and a variable +6 dB bass boost adjustable with the included remote control bass knob. The HS10 also offers two auto turn-on options. The package includes a wiring harness for power, signal and remote turn-on connections with a quick-connect Molex® plug to make installation simple.

Kicker 46CK8 8AWG Amp Kit – SKU: 46CK8

KICKER® complete amp kits feature top-quality Hyper-Flex power, ground and turn-on cables. K Series speaker wire and interconnects are also included, as is a heavy-duty AFS fuse holder and fusing. Insulated crimp connectors and zip ties come in the kit as well. One additional year of amplifier warranty is included if purchased with a KICKER amp.



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46CSS654 Kicker 46CSS654 6.5inch CS Component Speakers
46CSC654 Kicker 46CSC654 6.5inch CS Coaxial Speakers
46CXA3604 Kicker 46CXA3604 4ch CX Amplifier
46HS10 Kicker 46HS10 10inch Hideway Powered Subwoofer
46CK8 Kicker 46CK8 8AWG Amp Kit
DrA-CL28each DrA Earth (2.6mm) Gold HD (Heavy) (01sh)


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