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LED Phototherapy Nail Dryer Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker 99W – LCD Display Timing Function

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99W Smart Bluetooth Nail Polish Dryer,LED Lamp Nail Dryer Speaker LCD Display Timing Function Curing Gel Fast Nail Machine Dryer


  • Bluetooth music: The phototherapy lamp is equipped with a smart Bluetooth device, and the Bluetooth connection device is turned on through the mobile phone. After the connection is successful, a music that is soothing and emotional is played through the mobile phone control; it makes people shine, create work for nail art, or lazy for leisure. Time has added a lot of fun.
  • Intelligent control switch, open at any time, end at any time: phototherapy lamp with infrared recognition, according to infrared intelligent recognition, and then reach the drying range to automatically identify the light, after the recognition 120S seconds range start, free light, always turn on at any time When the nail style is created, it should be moved at will.
  • 99W high power to improve the speed of baking glue, one step faster: high-power baking glue, the higher the power is the faster, greatly improve the efficiency of nail art, suitable for various nail art production techniques such as nail polish and sticky diamond, suitable for hobbies Use in nail salons.
  • Manual keying standard lighting time, fast and precise timing: keying timing, standard mainstream roasting time, accurate and fast lighting, easy to deal with the tutorial and mainstream rubber roasting time, 90S timing and painless mode, with volume adjustment Button for easy tuning.
  • 42 light beads dual light source: fast drying, reduce the impact of black hands, with dual light source to make the nail light curing faster, reduce the continuous light caused by black hands, safe and efficient.



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