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Solar Powered Dual Infrared Motion Sensor Detector Siren Strobe Alarm

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This is a remarkable digital outdoor solar-power PIR alert with sound and light indication,which can avoid external interference from sunshine,humidity,dust,insects and wind also.
This detector adopts very advanced technology as below: direct analysis technology to intrusion PIR signal from digital high-speed micro-processor;
dual-polarities detection,direct adjustment to digital signal sensitivity;filtering technology to mixed rays from multi PIR channels etc.
In a world,it’s stable in operation and advanced in function,combined with its IP-65 water proof design.
It’s suitable for operation in those areas needs sound and light remind such as forest,high-tension pole,park,warehouse and docks etc.
Optional voices are 16 bands, and special voices can be OEM(MOQ 500 sets):
1.No smoking and no fire,thanks!
2.Private area,no trespassing!
3.Watch out! No touching!
4.Watch out,deep water!
5.Keep away! High voltage area!
6.Mind your step!
7.Attention,you have entered forest area,No fire please!
8.Attention,you have entered a restricted area,please off.
9.You are welcome.
10.Keep away! Dangerous area!
11.Sorry,no dumping here!
12.No fishing and swimming!
13.No admittance without permission!
14.Please keep off the grass!
15.No parking,constantly in use!
16.Wu! Wu! Wu! (sirens)

Battery Size: 3.6VDC AAA lithium chargeable Battery
Power Consumption: 20uA(stand by), alarm(85mA)
External DC input: 9-16 VDC >200mA (for indoor operation)
Warm Up Time: 50s
Installation Height: 1.8~2.4m
Alarm Period: 2s
Encoding: PT2262/EV1527etc
Frequency: 315/433MHZ
Alarm LED: High light red/blue LED
Audio Output 90db at 30cm
RFI/EMI Protection: 0.1-500MHz/3V/m
Anti-white light interference: >10000LUX
Low Batter Alarm: Below 2.9V
Temperature Compensation: Digital
Operating Temperature-30℃/+50℃
Packing: Carton
Package Weight: 635g / 22oz
Note: Work for human motion or over 25kg animal (moving vehicle may cause fakse alarm).

Package List:
1 * outdoor solar pir alert
2 * Ukey
1 * Set of Mounting Screws


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