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  • Dual PIR Wireless Outdoor Solar Detector Beam (Pet Immune to 20kg)

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    The detector is a dual pir outdoor wireless detector with intelligent solar charge technology; it can be connected to most wireless control panels directly and all wired control panels by wireless to wired receiver. This detector adopts intelligent multi-grade digital recognition technology and unique SLT calculation to process the 2-way special PIR signal and 1 way environmental temperature signal to reach top gallant detection and lowest false alarm. It can recognize waving object and real human motion; resist direct or reflective sunshine and accommodate false alarm caused by speedy hot and cool air

    The detector can operate in outdoor severe environment for long terms.
    Waterproof Rainproof design for outdoor use
    Built-in dual element passive infrared sensor unit
    Intelligent MCU inside, increased anti-light interference and eliminate false alarms
    Adopts 25KG Pet Immunity technology and specialized optical lens to eliminate false alarm
    Tightly-mated bug guard to protect the sensor optics from insects, spiders and dust
    Selectable detection sensitivity (up to 8 sensitivity levels selection) for different environmental requirements
    Wireless transmission signal to control panel
    Learning code, easy to assign to the alarm panels
    Tamper Switch sounds alarm when tempered with
    Low power consumption, backup rechargeable battery (included)
    Solar powered and wireless, wiring not required and easy installation
    Anti direct or reflective sunshine Applications
    In residential outdoor installations use to protect areas such as your balcony, backyard, swimming pool, tool-shed, garage or driveway.
    In commercial outdoor installations use to protect areas such as your parking area, storage facility, garage, loading dock, walkway or high-security grounds.
    When passive detects human movement on your property it can cause your alarm system to trigger devices such as lights, chimes, sirens, CCTV cameras and strobe lights.
    Provide extra security to your property by creating an invisible barrier that identifies intruders before they get inside.

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